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The Omnium CXC is a quick, agile and versatile bike with all sorts of possibilities. This bike can do pretty much anything you need it to. Gravel, cyclocross, world tour, alleycat or commute – The CXC will work for you.

The V3 features an adjustable rocker dropout letting you run singlepseed, internal gears, or a derailleur. The triple butted main triangle has varying tube thicknesses in all the right places in order to save weight, as well as an ED coating to hinder rust inside the tubes. The new segmented fork prevents fork judder under heavy braking, and lets you bolt cages to the fork legs.

The CXC is available in two versions: the trusted Cro-Mo 4130 version in a variety of different colours with an optional carbon fork upgrade, and the brushed Titanium version with a tapered carbon fork as standard. Run full mudguards and up to 45mm tires, racks, bags and go camping, or strip it down and mash out some kilometers of mixed terrain in turbo mode. There is nothing more versatile.

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Seat tube c-t: 510mm 530mm 560mm 590mm 620mm 640mm
Effective top tube: 520mm 535mm 555mm 576mm 595mm 610mm
Head tube angle: 73.5° 74° 74.4° 74.9° 74.9° 74,9°
Seat tube angle: 76° 75.5° 74.9° 74.9° 74.9° 74°
Stack: 491mm 512mm 542mm 573mm 602mm 616mm
Reach: 396mm 402mm 409mm 422mm 434mm 434mm
BB Drop: 58mm 58mm 58mm 58mm 58mm 58mm

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L (59cm), M (56cm), S (53cm), XL (62cm), XS (51cm), XXL (64cm)










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